Company Background
Xhumanani Conglomerate (Pty) Ltd Trading as X-Computers is a 100% Youth Black owned Business formerly established on the 4th May 2017 yet had been running for approximately 2 years prior on a smaller scale. The company is registered as a private company with CIPC.

Xhumanani Conglomerate (Pty) Ltd, is a level One BBBEE Contributor based in Durban under eThekwini Municipality with prospects of working in the Greater and Broader regions of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

X-Computers (Trading Name) specializes in Information Technological Products and Services which includes but not limited to, I.T components / peripherals sales, I.T support (Computer repairs, Network Installation and Web development). Also Branches out into Media Streaming for Sound & Video in house on Small Gatherings and Conferences and Post Production Digital Work.

Vision & Mission
Our Roots – In 2015 having to buy a laptop for his brother for school, the Director discovered the limited access for under privileged people to Computers and I.T Related Services which sparked the quest to find people and companies filling this gap in the market.
Having not found such companies and people, decided to take it upon himself to find affordable computing solutions and ways to bridge the gap and create a safe and legal market for people to get honest and affordable products and services in the Telecommunications sector, not being duped because they less wiser about computers and so forth – this is the core of everything that the company was founded and built on.

The Vision at Large, To see a way more connected and driven South Africa when it comes to Technology – a country that will be more innovative and open to fresh and new home grown solutions. We want to create employment opportunities and skills development to the youth, which in turn will boost our local and national economy, taking away dependence from importing technological skill and products. Giving back to our community is our core interest in business.

The Daily Mission is to improve the standard of living of our youth, to empower our people. We aim to provide only world class technology and services at prices everyone from any class could find affordable. Innovation is our key factor which will allow us to always be a step ahead in giving people ease of access to the net and computer related assistance and facilities no matter where they located – rural to urban should not be separate, we are equally interested in assisting the individual as we are the large scale company because the network and net worth of computers is equally made of these entities.

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