Our Services are not just limited to providing affordable computing & mobile device solutions to walk in clients, yet far reaching to even Networking Solutions & Media Setup and Installations.

Computing for School & Home

  • Supply new and used Laptops and Desktop Computers for home & office use – All Brands
  • Custom Networking Solutions for Home & Offices
  • Upgrades & Speed Improvements
  • Gaming Machines Built to Spec
  • Repairs to Laptops & Desktops
  • Data Management & Recovery
  • Booting & Sound Repairs
  • Server Management
  • and Much More…

Mobile Phones Supply & Repair

  • Supply new and used Apple iPhones and Android Devices
  • Device Management & Cloud Solutions
  • Repair to Water Damaged Devices
  • Change of Housing & Upgrades
  • Sound & Connectivity Issues
  • LCD & Battery Replacement
  • Repair Network Issues
  • and Much More…

Simplifications to Home & Work Area

The other Solutions that we Offer far and Above Walk In Sales and Services;

  • Networking for Offices and Internet cafes
  • CCTV Camera Installs & Management
  • Computer Training Centre Setups
  • Television and Projection Setups
  • Website and Email Hosting

We do our best to reach all products and solutions that technologically make life easier and better for children to adults in I.T and Media.

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